Friday, November 18, 2011

Pink Music TV Serbia

  Pink Music Tv from Serbia
 The Pink Media Group (PMG) is the largest private broadcast media and entertainment group in Southeast Europe. Headquartered in Belgrade,

    PMG has operations in the Republic of    Serbia and in the neighboring countries of the Republic of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pink is currently expanding into other markets in the region.
  PMG refers to seven individual, legally and financially independent companies that have diversified but complementary operations in:

                           # Film studios
                          # Terrestrial television production and broadcast
                         # Satellite television production and broadcast
                         # Radio broadcast

                        # Motion graphics and animation production
                       # Music recording and audio production
                      # CD/DVD replication
                      # Business aviation (jet) services
                                                  Mr. Željko Mitrović
                                                   President & CEO
     PMG’s television, radio and satellite broadcast operations offer a full range of foreign and domestically produced programming. Pink’s terrestrial television channels have the highest audience share in all three markets.
     In 2006, PMG launched its most recent venture, Pink Films International (PFI) - a division of Pink International, with the start of construction of new studios. The complex is located over 17 hectares on Belgrade’s periphery, will house ten large sound stages and multiple production offices and facilities. To support this infrastructure, PFI will offer a complete package of services to attract international film production.
    PMG’s music recording operations have created City Records, the strongest recording label in the region. City maintains a stable of the leading music performers from Serbia and has established licensing agreements with popular performers from neighboring countries.

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