Friday, September 30, 2011

L1 Netherlands Television

L1 is a regional public radio and television in the Dutch province of Limburg.

The first regional radio station in Limburg, the Southern Regional Broadcasting (ROZ), began broadcasting in 1945. Until 1989 the ROZ part of the Dutch Broadcasting Foundation NOS.
Upon entry into force of the new media law in 1988, the NIS some services repulsed including its Facilities and Services,
which merged with the Dutch Broadcasting Production Company NOB was the ROZ (and all other regional broadcasters who sent out under the NIS flag) as an independent regional broadcasters under its new name, broadcasting Limburg. In January 1997 it began commercial broadcasting station TV8 Limburg. Omroep Limburg followed later that year to regional public television.
Both stations had a shortage on the regional cable network to share their frequency. From 7.15 am until 19.15 hours the canal was used by Radio Limburg and 19.15 pm to 7.15 am of the next morning sent out TV8 Limburg. Because by the Media provided that both stations between the image on black half hours had created an unworkable situation. The fact that two different stations on the same 'just' a similar program exceptions prompted to conduct interviews to create an intimate collaboration.
These discussions resulted in June 1999 for broadcasters to work together in the new private / public company L1 Radio and Television.
A merger is no question, because the current media law does not permit a public broadcaster that merged with a commercial broadcaster. The program policy is determined by the Foundation Board of Limburg Broadcasting Foundation, which owns the Radio Licence L1 Radio and Television which uses it. The Foundation Broadcasting Broadcasting Companies L1 Limburg has a mandate to take care of the production, creation and broadcasting of the programs.

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