Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sky 1 Uk

                             Sky1 is the flagship BSkyB entertainment channel available in the United  Kingdom and Ireland.
                            The channel first launched on 26 April 1982 as Satellite Television, and is the fourth-oldest TV channel in the United Kingdom, behind BBC One (2 November 1936), ITV (22 September 1955) and BBC Two (20 April 1964). S4C and Channel 4 begin over 6 months later on the 1 and 2 November 1982 respectively.

                           In the United Kingdom the channel is available on digital satellite via Sky on channel 106 as well as through digital cable via Virgin Media and as well as through IPTV via Sky Go and TalkTalk TV. In Ireland the channel is available on Sky Ireland on channel 106, UPC Ireland on channel 114 and Magnet Networks.
                          Sky1 listings include some very popular broadcasts—many imported from North America—including 24, The X-Files, Stargate (SG1, SGA & SGU), Caprica, Battlestar Galactica, Bones, Lost, Fringe, Prison Break, House, The Simpsons, and Lie to Me.

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