Monday, October 3, 2011

SBS South Korea

In South Korea, there are a number of national television networks, the three largest of which are KBS, MBC, and SBS. Most of the major television studios are located on Yeouido--an island in middle of the Han River--in Seoul. Television introduced in South Korea in 1961 with KBS-TV. Important genres of television shows include serial dramas (soap operas), historical dramas, variety shows, game shows, news programs, and documentaries.

All three networks have produced increasingly lavish historical dramas in recent years. Some South Korean television programs are available on satellite and multicultural channels in North America. Korean dramas have become popular in other East Asian and Southeast Asian countries, with whole sets of videotapes or DVDs of series available, complete with Chinese subtitles.
Shopping channels have become quite popular in recent years as well, and the models sometimes put on entertaining acts during product pitches.
There are many cable operators in South Korea, such as Tbroad, C&M, and CJ. The cable TV subscriber is approximately 14 million. The cable operator provides TPS to its subscribers.
Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) KRX: 034120 is a national South Korean television and radio network. It is the only private commercial broadcaster with a wide regional Network to operate in the country. On March 17, 2009, the company legally became known as SBS, changing its corporate name from Seoul Broadcasting System (서울 방송). Seoul Broadcasting System (서울 방송) is still commonly used today. SBS TV transmits on Channel 6 for Analog and Channel 16 for Digital.

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